She’s Here… *insert Twilight Zone theme song*

Posted on July 17, 2010


I’ve decided to use an actual blogging format rather than my tumblr. Tumblr’s great, but I feel most comfortable using a REAL blogging format.

It’s going to get some getting used to. This whole writing-about-my-life-and-sharing-my-innermost-thoughts-to-people-who-could-probably-care-less. But it’s almost therapeutic for me. At least, it was back when I was a hardcore Xanga-er and people seemed to somewhat care on there. I also need to exercise my writing abilities as well. Forgive me if my writing’s not that great.

I’ll try not to write about every small detail in my life. I’m wanting to concentrate on THE BIG PICTURE rather than the small details, y’know? Yes, the small things in life are wonderful. I just don’t see how describing the t-shirt I’m wearing will be beneficial to you or myself. I’ll just be writing about whatever comes to mind, things I discover whether it’s about myself or miscellaneous schtuffs. We’ll see where this blog takes me!

I’ll make this short as I’m bound to start rambling and leaving you confused. If you’re not already. If you are, feel free to ask questions! I don’t mind ’em at all.

‘Til next time…

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