The Cell Phone Chaos

Posted on July 17, 2010


Before ever owning a myTouch 3G, I went from cell phone to cell phone. One would last me about a month. Either because I broke it or I just disliked it and tried to find a new device. For a phone to last me more than that, there had to be a miracle involved.

Finally, T-Mobile (my carrier) was offering a cell phone that really piqued my interest. Beforehand, I didn’t keep up much with technology. I didn’t know what was good or bad. I just went with whatever tickled my fancy. I drooled enough over the myTouch 3G that my Husband finally bought it for me under ONE condition: to keep it for more than 6 months. I agreed. I was so happy. I actually researched the phone and began to learn about it. As time progressed, I learned more and more, and finally discovered that my first smart phone was becoming a dinosaur.

Just this past month I began researching new phones. I desperately wanted the Sprint EVO, but we were still locked in with our T-Mobile contract and honestly, we were saving money. To move carriers would’ve incurred extra fees that we could easily avoid. Needless to say, we stayed with T-Mobile. But that didn’t satisfy my thirst for a new phone. I then went to try use my upgrade towards a Nexus One. Turns out that I would need an individual plan for just that phone. Bummersauce.

I started reading about the HTC HD2. I started discovering that it was basically the EVO without the Android OS. That same week, some developers were able to find a way for the handset to work with the Android OS. I was sold. I decided to do some more research. Turns out you had to be some sort of geek to even install it onto the HD2. I quickly became discouraged, but after much thought I figured the HD2’s massive screen would compensate for the lack of Android and it’s apps. I jumped in and purchased the HD2 on a Saturday night. I loved the 5MP camera and the video on it was remarkable. I was still learning about the phone and though I couldn’t do some things on it as I could with my myTouch 3G; I figured I’d learn to live without.

We had spent the day driving to Oklahoma and visiting a beautiful river the following Sunday. I managed to take some wonderful pictures and video of my son enjoying the trip. I really didn’t get the opportunity to add my pictures and music from my desktop onto the phone until later that evening…

First, it kept wanting to use some stupid software called DoubleTwist. It’s an iTunes knockoff. Ew. I tried disabling this by uninstalling the program on my phone. Apparently the phone didn’t like my idea so it started refusing to add music and pictures. All I wanted to access was the SD card to put my music and pictures onto it. THAT’S ALL I WANTED. But noooooo… HD2 has a mind of it’s own and it was it’s way or the highway. I finally ended up throwing a fit of rage and slammed the phone onto my desk to show it who’s boss. With my husband pushing me away from the computer and phone, I decided to take my anger out on my pillows and cry like a baby.

Frustrating, much?

Needless to say, I thanked the phone for not breaking and packaged it back nicely into it’s box after performing a hard reset. That phone was going back to the store Monday.

Fortunately, T-Mobile was able to take back the phone and exchange it for what I’m used to and call home: an updated version of my dinosaur phone… the myTouch Slide.
I love this phone. With it’s updated version of Android (2.1 and soon to receive 2.2!), I’m able to download apps that I couldn’t before. The Qwerty keyboard was the only thing that made me NOT want the phone (what am I? 15?), but now I can’t imagine how I managed before without it! I’m in love! The phone is fast and the picture and video quality is worthy of posting to my flickr and youtube.

After learning the hard way, HD2 would be FANTASTIC if it had the Android OS and not Windows Mobile. HTC did a great job hiding the fact that it was a Windows phone, I’ll give ’em that much. But a Windows phone is a Windows phone. The app market on the HD2 was very disappointing as well. Going from Android to Windows Mobile, you really learn to appreciate the awesomnicity of Android if you didn’t already.

I’m an Android fan for life. No doubt about that! I promise, Andy, to never cheat or doubt you ever again. You’re making this dork into a geek. Thank you.

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