Selfish Post 3

Posted on July 26, 2010


I like how I’m supposed to be home, sick. Instead, I’m cleaning and blogging. I just can’t lay in bed when I have things to do in the back of my mind. I’ve finished cleaning, now I’m blogging. Unless something else comes up (that doesn’t involve having to drive somewhere), once I’m done here, I’ll be relaxing in bed, watching judge shows and eating whatever I can find. Speaking of TV!

I haven’t forgotten!
Day 03 → Your favorite television program

This was a no-brainer. Grey’s Anatomy is my all time favorite TV show. No TV show has made me feel so many emotions. I’ve cried, giggled, smiled insanely, felt so depressed I wanted to drown…
The kicker is I feel just like Meredith Grey. I feel as if Shonda Rhimes somehow got a hold of my brain and made a TV show about it. I think everyone, don’t care who you are, can relate on some level to each character. I’m not sure if I like that fact or not, but I like it for myself.
I’m not much of a fan, seeing as how I only watched up to season 3. I have no excuse for not watching, other than it was hard to get good reception on ABC and by the time we got cable, I had found other TV shows. I do want to catch up, but I have no clue where. ABC’s site only has the current season. I really don’t feel like downloading torrents of the show, nor do I wish to purchase them. I just want to find a site where I can click and watch. If you know of such site, please, do tell.

In case you’re wondering, the show that had temporarily replaced Grey’s Anatomy was Fringe. I’m a sci-fi fanatic and Fringe has been mind-blowing. I even purchased the first season, which is a first in Trina history. That’s how much I love this show. I cannot wait for September 23rd to arrive. Just two more months…

I’m currently trying to watch Freaks and Geeks. Thanks to IFC (my favorite channel!), they’re replaying the episodes so I’ve been able to DVR and watch as I please. I think rather than watching judge shows… though I am very interested to know whether he is or is NOT the father… I’ll watch the first episode of Freaks and Geeks. Hope Husband doesn’t mind.

I like TV, I enjoy really good shows that make you think rather than numb your brain. Though, when it comes to mind-numbing goodness, I love me some Food Party! Also on IFC. It’ll make you scratch your head and grow an appetite.

I do have more shows I watch, but nothing that makes me truly adore them and google quotes from that night’s episode. I like TV. I watch more than read. That’s something I’m trying to change… maybe.

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