Selfish Post 4

Posted on July 30, 2010


Ah, the selfish posts. Gives me something to write about when I have nothing to write about. Don’t worry, once I get these writing juices flowing, I’m hoping to come up with some more interesting schtuffs. I figure these are good to start my fancy fresh blog with as a sort of ‘Getting To Know Me’ type of thing. Moving along.

Day 04 → Your favorite book

Ah, The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger is #1 in my Top Five. It took some considerable amount of thinking, as I also terribly love Rain of Gold by Victor Villaseñor. But the reason I definitely chose The Time Traveler’s Wife was because of the way it was so beautifully written. It was terribly confusing in the beginning, but the story has you so intrigued, you can’t help but keep going to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. In the end, after the trouble and hair pulling, you get a magnificent story that has you in tears and happiness.

“Never judge a book by it’s movie” is a quote that definitely applies to this book. Though the movie was pretty good, it did leave out some crucial parts that I thought would’ve made the movie much better. Nonetheless, I finished the movie satisfied.

I really recommend this book to everyone I meet. If you know me already, I probably already passionately suggested you read it. Once more, I am passionately suggesting you read it if you haven’t. If you’ve seen the movie, you have a foundation already as to what to expect. But seriously, there’s more to explore! Go on now and explore it!

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