Gears are Grinding, Pt. 1

Posted on July 31, 2010


Remember that ‘Family Guy’ episode where Peter gets a spot on the nightly news where he was free to rant about anything he wanted? This is my version. I like to rant because it clears up my mind and hopefully people out there can give me some insight on things. I may write about things you may like, you may not like, things that probably describe you. If that’s the case, well… if the coat fits, wear it. 

Y’know what grinds my gears? People on welfare or whatever type of government assistance who don’t even need to be sticking their hands out for help. I do not oppose welfare. I do not oppose helping those that need help. I do oppose throwing money at people who feel that welfare is a career. I do no not want to support people who feel that the government should take care of them.

That’s the one of the MANY problems with America, nowadays. It seems like almost the only way (er, ways) to have money is either A) be born into a family that’s already paved the path to riches and all you have to do is absolutely nothing or B) be a low-life with a crapload of kids so you can get approximately $15k come tax season, only so you can go around and spend that money on CRAP. Name brand clothes, technology or vehicles you probably won’t be able to maintain, food that will only result in obesity. WHAT THE HELL?! Who are you trying to impress? You really think you look sexy with your fat bulging out in those Baby Phat jeans, driving a beat up Lexus and talking into an iPhone with a screen that is cracked? Because that’s not impressive. I’ve met people who drive Lexus’ yet cannot afford to even buy tires for the car when the need arises. So what happens? They leave their Lexus in their driveway, because they can’t drive it so now they have to drive their crap car. REALLY?!?! You can buy a Lexus but can’t afford to maintain it?! WTF.
If you have money to spend on booze, drugs, clothes, makeup… money to spend on LUXURIES, then why the hell do you not have money for your NEEDS?! Why the hell is it that we see people wearing Ed Hardy head to toe, carrying their Louis Vuitton purses (I don’t care if it’s a knock-off, knock-offs aren’t cheap!), standing in line for Social Security, TANF or Food Stamps? Did these people miss that day in school when we all learned about needs and wants and how it’s more important to ensure your needs are covered before your wants? I still remember that day in 4th grade. 
My husband and I have jobs to cover our NEEDS. We’re fortunate to have some extra money leftover for our wants, whether it’s going out to eat or tickets to a movie. But we don’t live beyond our means either. We wish we could own things, and we could probably go out and buy them. We are not willing to, because we rather enjoy having food to eat, heat in the dead of winter, water to keep ourselves quenched and clean. We are not dumb, thankfully enough. 
What’s wrong with people?! Where are their brains? What’s the point of having THINGS, when before you know it, there’s no roof over your head and you’re wondering where your next meal will come from? How can people live like that?!
Then comes the fact that the money that ‘helps’ the “needy” comes from my earnings. My husband’s earnings. Every freakin’ person that works and has taxes taken out of their paycheck… that’s where the money is coming from. Now, I don’t mind helping out people who GENUINELY need it. You worked 25 years for a company, and find yourself laid off. I can understand why that Joe would need help and I’m all for it. That person worked their ass off for 25 years and then got kicked to the curb. Or the person who had to fight cancer, rather than work and has no source of income, I wouldn’t hesitate to give them money out of my wallet if it meant it would put food on their table. But when I see 18, 19, 20-somethings sticking their hands out and pointing to their mouths for food (aka, food stamps)…. I just want to slap them and yell “GET A FUCKIN’ JOB!”. Really!? 
“Oh, but it’s so hard to get a job…”, yeah, because you’re an uneducated moron. Because you decided to open those legs, place a sign that said ‘Insert Here’ over your vag, or were the idiot who did what the sign told them to and popped out babies. Instead of asking for money, ASK FOR AN EDUCATION!! Oh, but then there’s those who get grant money for an education and what do they do? Go buy a Macbook, pay rent, get some food. How lovely. Last time I went to class, pen and paper worked just fine. I managed to get my notes on pen and paper and earn my ‘A’. A part time job should give you enough cash to buy food. 
Then there’s those people who will go as far as saying they are ‘SINGLE’ (because single Moms are more likely to get help) when they have a significant other who is able to bring in a 2nd income. What for? So they can continue indulging themselves in their WANTS rather than giving their family what they truly need?? THEY LIE. They are stealing. What happened to people’s conscience? They must’ve left it in their Coach purse somewhere. What happened to working hard and being proud to know that you have what you have because of the blood and sweat that was spilled?
It seems as though I have more questions than answers. 
I’m fed up with it. I’m tired of hearing people’s sob stories about how broke they are, but manage to tweet from their iPhone about how drunk they got the night before. Don’t expect pity from me. I don’t feel sorry for those people. I don’t care. I can only hope that the children witnessing these actions will grow up feeling ashamed and not wanting to be like their parents. That’s really the only hope America has.
/end rant.
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