First Day I’ve Had to "Dress Up" for Work

Posted on August 5, 2010


Ever since I began talking about my new job, everyone’s itching to know what it’s all about and if I enjoy it. Let’s just say: WOW! And that’s a good Wow.

I wish I could tell y’all the company and junk, but for privacy’s sake, let’s call it TT. TT is exactly what I’ve been searching for. A corporate environment with a not-so-corporate attitude. My boss drops more ‘F’ bombs in an hour than I have in my entire 27 years of living. She’s upbeat, on-the-go and friendly. I dig her. Good thing too since I’m also her assistant.

TT provides architectural solutions from interior design to acoustics. I saw so many fabrics and seamstresses today, it was redonkulous. They’re a pretty big company too, with 200+ employees, 3 different locations and having done work for Barney’s New York, Ritz Carlton, Omni Hotels and several airports, hospitals & doctor’s offices (y’know those drapes that go around the hospital bed for privacy, yup they do those too). Like I said, very big company.

I’m doing the receptionist position to help me get a better understanding of the company, and in six weeks I’ll be a sales/design assistant for the architectural design department. There’s three departments: hospitality (all things hotel), medical (all things medical) and architectural design which deals with all the miscellaneous stuff, i.e. the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington TX and the interior designing. My main duty then will be also known as trade show coordinator. I’ll be in charge of organizing the trade show, assigning duties to the staff and ensuring everything’s good to go for the day of the show. I’ll be going to my first trade show next week. This particular one has been organized and really nothing for me to do. But! In October, the next trade show will take place in San Antonio. So I have to organize that all by my lonesome (sorta) self. From hotel arrangements to the very last brochure… it’s all on me.

Overwhelming much? You betcha.

My boss adores me though (from what I’ve heard) and she has faith in me. Problem is, I feel as if she has more faith in me than I do in myself…
I’m trying not to stress, I’m new at this. I’m honored that she would entrust in me such duties. She obviously sees something in me… I just have to see it for myself.

The people I work with are laid-back and super friendly. There is one dude in the Accounting department that looks EXACTLY like Severus Snape…. if Severus were to be part of the Muggle world. I’m not kidding. That man has all the mannerisms and attitude as Severus Snape. It’s creepy.

For my first day, it went pretty smoothly. I’m going to just grab the bull by the horns and run with it. There really isn’t anyone training me, as the chick who had the position before me quit and wasn’t able to train me. I’m pretty much learning things as I go.

I better go climb into bed. My work schedule’s from 7am to 3:30pm. I’m also planning on riding the train and bus to work, meaning I’m going to have to get used to waking up around 4:45am. Yay! Another situation is the dress code thing. I’ve worn jeans and t-shirts to work since I can remember. Now, I have to actually ‘dress up’ (business casual to me is dressing up). Fortunately, I’ve been able to whip some outfits up. This coordinating and figuring out what to wear is going to take some practice…

Thanks to everyone for the congrats and good luck wishes. They mean a lot and are helpful through this transition. THANK YOU!! ❤

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