Selfish Post 7

Posted on August 8, 2010


It’s been a doozy y’all. We lost A/C in our home Thursday afternoon, my brother had the HVAC company come out and fix it. Turns out it needed a part that was covered under the warranty. But there would be a charge for labor. My brother tried to get approval from my parents (who are currently in Mexico), but to no avail. AC Guy left and my brother told him he’d get in contact with them. My brother then told my Dad about the charge for labor and my Dad totally disagreed. He was under the impression that the warranty he purchased would cover parts AND labor. He’s forked over $2,000 on labor, he wasn’t about to pay more after paying for a warranty that was supposedly going to be covered. We tried getting in contact with the HVAC company yesterday and no word on anything. They just seemed to have up and left us, avoiding us perhaps? Something’s fishy and we are beyond pissed. My Dad’s considering legal action because last night after 8pm, we received a call FINALLY from the A/C company, stating that we would only have to pay a discounted price on labor because there had been misdiagnoses. That didn’t sound right to us. If we hadn’t bitched and moaned, would they had ever told us about the misdiagnoses?? Again, it’s just drama and we’re doing everything possible to keep cool. At this point, the water hose outside has become our best friends…

I’m trying to get my mind off the situation. The heat’s making me sleepy, so I’m outside on the porch with my boys. Thank goodness for the breeze! I hate Texas, BTW.
I’ve neglected on my ‘Selfish Posts’ so… let’s move along, shall we?

Day 08 → A photo that makes you angry/sad
This is ridiculous. Why would I keep, take or present a photo that makes me angry/sad? A lot of things make me angry and sad. I could take a picture of myself, sweaty, exhausted and almost naked. But I’ll spare you.

Day 09 → A photo you took

An Ant’s View in the Winter

I wish it was winter again, which is when I took this one (January 2010). I really enjoy photography, but I shoot objects and food more than people. In order for me to take pictures of people, I need to KNOW them. I did an engagement shoot for one of my coworker’s at my old job, but that’s as far as I’ve gone ‘shooting people’. I cannot imagine taking pictures of other people I barely knew. I just can’t. I don’t care. It’s not like I plan on making photography my career. It’s a hobby, and I don’t need awesome equipment to get my images ‘just right’, whatever comes out is what I took. I love using my banged-up Nikon D60 (I’ve put her through a lot) and camera phone. I need a point and shoot though, which I’m currently in the market for. 

I need a big sip of ice cold water.

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