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Posted on September 14, 2010


I know, I know. I’ve been horrible at this blogging bit. I honestly blame Twitter. I’m a tweet-a-holic and it’s amazing how I can easily express myself in 140 characters or less.

I have many reasons to start taking blogging seriously. I would name them off but that’s for another day. Just know it’s starting with this post.

If you follow me on twitter, or are one of my few friends on facebook, you’ll know about my undying love for Austin, TX. It’s true. I’m in love with that city. So much so, The Man and I are looking for employment there. I’ve even found THE SCHOOL for The Kid. Every night, before bed, I look on Craigslist for either a home to rent or an apartment. We even know what neighborhood we’d like to reside in. We love that city so much, we may never leave for retirement. We have found the city we want to settle in. We want to be Austinites.

The Man’s 29th birthday was this past weekend. After an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’ where Mr. Bourdain toured all the great eats in Austin, The Man wanted more than anything to eat at those same spots. Talk about an easy birthday gift. We left early Thursday afternoon and whimpered as we left Saturday afternoon. It was the best weekend so far. You can find some pics I managed to take and posted in my facebook, here. We ate at any and every food trailer we could find. I’m currently writing reviews for them on my Yelp.

While in Austin we realized we belong in this city. Austinites are incredibly healthy. Everything we ate had little to no grease. So many vegetarian and vegan places to eat and shop at. Everywhere we looked, beautiful people. Everyone is kind and welcoming. Sure, you run into a douchebag here and there. But in Dallas (where we currently live and despise), you run into them ALL.THE.TIME. Austin was refreshing.

The education in Austin is amazing. I read earlier how Austin students exceeded state AND national averages on their SATs. This is what I want and need for my son, the very best education. I know I can find it in Austin, TX. I already found THE SCHOOL, but I’m researching more in case that one doesn’t work out (but I’ve got my hopes set on this school). This particular school’s statistics are awesome. 94% of their alumni graduate college. 84% major in Arts and 74% in Sciences.

Now if only I could find a job there. Needless to say, I have yet to graduate college. I’ve been working in the office administrative field for over nine years. I’m a great assistant and honestly possess a servant’s heart. I want to find a company that does good. That’s environmentally aware and is insanely active in the community. I know if I research a bit more, I’ll have no problem finding something in Austin as organizations like this are commonplace.

Our goal is to be in Austin within six months. We are ready to make the move and settle in. Right now, only time will tell what happens. But our hopes are high. We know we have found home.

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