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Posted on September 15, 2010


Cell phones, for me, were simply used to call and text. Not once did I think about using it to easily access the internet, facebook, my bank account, etc. I know, who would’ve thought I was so archaic up until last year, right? I’m no Techie, but I’m certainly becoming a Geek. I love technology and wish I had the money to feed my new found addiction. Thankfully, there’s G4’s Attack of the Show. It helps.

Last year, when my Motorola Krzr started to crap out on me, I eagerly pleaded to my husband to buy me the next best thing from the iPhone (or so I thought). I am not going to lie, I wanted the iPhone because I was following the crowd. All the Oooohh-ing and Aaaahh-ing was convincing me, sucking me into it’s mindless vortex. I was absolutely clueless when it came to technology last year. I was a simpleton. I did what commercials told me was the ‘cool’ thing to do.

Fortunately, I’m not dumb. I wasn’t going to fork over $200+ for a phone and pay an outrageous monthly bill to join the bandwagon. I have priorities. I have a kid to educate, feed and clothe. His well being is of utmost importance to me, even if it leaves me wearing the same clothes for years and using the oldest of phones. But the gates of heaven opened and when HTC rolled out a phone for people who were strapped for cash but wanted the same capabilities of the iPhone and a little more, I had to take the bait. Not to mention T-Mobile‘s awesome payment plans (no interest and payments at $40 or less, sign me up for that!).

It was the week of my birthday, my phone was crapping out, my pleading was unwanted. Finally, in my little hands I held my first smartphone and HTC device, the HTC Magic. Better known as the T-Mobile myTouch 3G. It opened a whole new world to me. Top it off with the Android OS and you have the keys to Happy Land. Don’t like the look of the home screen? Change it. Rearrange the icons. Pick the apps you use most & place them so they’re more accessible. Use any song or sound as your ringtone or notification tone. When I say ANY, Android means ANY. Your imagination and creativity is encouraged.

As I learned more about my phone, the more I’d learn about the iPhone. Yes, it’s aesthetically pleasing. Yes, it’s easy. Yes, it’s Communist. I learned how Apple chooses what you can put on your phone to ‘avoid garbage’. Last time I checked, people had brains and had enough sense to know what they want on their own devices. Obviously, Apple thinks you people are idiots and need to be spoon-fed. In my opinion, open development is how people learn what works and what doesn’t. Trial by error never hurt anyone.

Another thing I love about Android is how you can get it on any hardware you like. Samsung fan? Andy’s there. Android doesn’t restrict itself to just ONE BRAND. People love options. Apple is so… one way street-ish.

If you read my tweets, you’ll know about my distaste for iPhones, it’s stupid hype and the people who fall for it. If you have an iPhone, I’ll most likely think you’re an idiot, UNLESS you are aware of it’s capabilities. If you can stand your ground as to why iPhone fits your needs, I can respect that. Otherwise, you’ll get lots of finger-pointing and guffawing on my part. Perhaps you don’t care and just went with whatever is easy. The only reward from going the easy route is exactly that: it’s easy.

T-Mobile came out with the myTouch’s predecessor, the myTouch Slide 3G. Since T-Mobile made me an offer that wouldn’t leave us broke and hungry, I went ahead and bought it. I LOVE IT! I was iffy about the QWERTY keyboard at first, but as I used it more I couldn’t imagine never having it. Android 2.1 is a beauty to behold and the ease of it all is far better than Android 1.6 (which is the OS for the myTouch 3G). What can I not do with my new phone? is the question now. I haven’t had to say “Oh, I can’t do that” because this phone can. I’m sure there’s things I can’t do with it, but I haven’t had the need. Ok, so I don’t have a front facing camera. What’s the use if all I’d need it for is those self-portraits of myself in the bathroom? I don’t need any more of those so, I can bear.

I’ve been eying the Samsung Galaxy S, and I think I’ll be ready for my big girl pants soon. As much as I adore my myTouch Slide, I think I’m ready for bigger things. Since The Man still owns the myTouch 3G I think he should be the first in the family to own a fancy new phone. Until then, I’ll be enjoying my Slide and waking up excitedly every morning hoping there’s a Froyo update. By the way, when is that update coming T-Mo?

I tried owning a Windows Mobile phone for a few days and I went absolutely nuts. I learned my lesson the hard way. Andy has spoiled me and introduced me to a world I never thought I’d step foot on. Therefore, my heart will always belong to that cute little green droid.

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