Define ‘Hispster’

Right now you may be asking yourself, ‘What the crap is Hispster?’. Allow me to explain, oh wonderful reader!

First and foremost, it’s spelled H-I-S-P-S-T-E-R. Remember to add that extra ‘S’ after ‘H-I’. I’m not HIPSTER, I’m HISPSTER. Which is a combination of ‘Hispanic’ and ‘Hipster’. Did I just confuse you? Hope not. It’s really fun to pronounce, me thinks.


I’ve come to realize I’m a Hispanic Hipster (Urban Dictionary provides a pretty good definition). I’m Mexican, and it’s one of my great points of pride. But, every ‘real’ Mexican I meet tends to tell me I’m not so ‘Mexican’. I was confused at first, but then it started getting a tad bit annoying. Like Russell Peters so wisely said: Racially, I’m Mexican. Culturally, I’m American. Somedays though, I like to be a bit of both worlds and when I am, I’m a Hispster.

Excuuuuse me for not wanting to cover my car seats with t-shirts and listening to Los Tigres Del Norte every hour. Ok, so I don’t eat salsa, and it’s hard for me to eat beans. I don’t insert ‘güey‘ into every sentence. I’m a bit Americanized, but that doesn’t make me less Mexican. Last time I checked, both of my parents were born & raised in Mexico, so technically, I’m Mexican. I was even made in Mexico, thankyouverymuch. (My parents came to the United States when my Mom was eight months pregnant with me.)

So I use proper grammar and speak coherently. I cannot fault my mother for teaching me to speak Spanish appropriately.

Yeah, I like Tex-Mex and chicken enchiladas with sour cream sauce are something I could probably have for lunch everyday. The thought of eating barbacoa and menudo every Sunday is unappealing. But that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t have pride in our food or that I’m ashamed to be Mexican. Far from it, my friend.

I don’t believe for one second what you DO makes you Mexican. And it’s for this belief that many Mexican’s would call me a hipster. Fine, I’ll take that title gladly.

I’m proud to be Mexican. I’m proud of our history and our hard-work ethic. My parents are wonderful examples of immigrants who became US Citizens and productive people, as there are many out there! I do not deny any of this. I believe what’s in your HEART that makes you Mexican (or whatever you may be).

I’m just original. I don’t follow crowds. I walk to the beat of my own drum. Just please… don’t tell me I’m not a ‘real’ Mexican.

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