The Hispster

I guess I’ll make this an ‘About Me’ page, because I’m sure you’re dying to know who you’re reading about and all that zazz.

The Man, The Boy & The Hispster

What can I say? I’m a 27 year old Mum and Wife, figuring out and trying to stop worrying about where life is taking me. I’m indecisive, sarcastic, subversive and sweet as HäagenDazs. I have many interests, ranging from doing absolutely nothing to photography. When it comes to doing nothing, if it involves downloading apps on my phone and hanging out with the most incredible man and stellar son in the world (pictured above), I’m a-okay. Photography-wise, I love taking pictures of inanimate objects as I’m afraid of people. Well, I’m not AFRAID of people, I’m just an awkward person and when I meet new people I like to observe them before interacting with them. Some understand this process, whereas others just think I’m a serial-killer-type. Whatever. I also am exploring the world of food photography. Being married to an aspiring chef, it gives me plenty to shoot. I’m also trying to regain my interest in reading. I grew up being a bookworm (since people were scary to me), but I managed to grow outta my shell, somewhat. With technology gaining my curiosity, it’s hard for me to sit down and read long enough to finish a book. But I am trying. Speaking of technology, I love it. It’s another world I’m exploring and I may give my 2 cents here and there. I’m awesomely positive (so much so, it may sicken others). I cannot help this. I have my negative moments, but they always seem to disappear on their own. I’m lucky.

I hate to give myself ONE title (e.g. Mommy/Techie/Married/Product blogger) so I consider myself a bit of everything. I’ll write about whatever comes to mind, whatever irks/excites me. I’m not one to restrain myself. I’m also a Social Media Artist in Training (who isn’t nowadays, right?). I would love to one day have my own social media consulting firm for small businesses, which is why I am currently working on my Business Administration & Marketing degree. Better late than never, I say!

In conclusion, I’m just your average gal, being herself and not letting my chemical imbalances get the best of me.

I like emails, so feel free to shoot me some: thehispster {at} gmail {dot} com

Just no pr0n please. That’s icky-icky-poo.

Hearts & Stars,
Trina, aka The Hispster

P.S. Correct grammar and punctuation is important to me, but I’m no English professor. English class was my favorite class in high school. To say I’m a Grammar Nazi is an understatement. But, I too, am human and fail. My apologies if I sound like a turd on crack on occasion.

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